One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

Our Chesterfield sofa finally arrived, and life no longer feels empty and chaotic. All is, once again, right in the universe.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I literally busted out in song and dance when the freight company called to schedule our sofa delivery.

Never mind that I was in the company of business colleagues in a highly corporate setting.

I ordered the sofa back in September, before the ORC even began. That’s nearly six weeks ago, people! After waiting and waiting and waiting – and complaining in week 2, week 3 and week 4‘s posts – my anxiety was through the roof with anticipation for its arrival.

Would it arrive in time for the grand reveal of our living room? I was seriously starting to lose hope and desperately considered alternatives, like “borrowing” my parents’ sofa just for the final reveal.

I am nothing if not resourceful, ha!

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally ArrivedOne Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

Thankfully, our sofa arrived – and it’s beautiful!

Don’t tell our velvet barrel chairs, but I think I may have a new favorite. From the tufted back to the studded, rolled arms to the soft gray linen, the Chesterfield sofa is what my design dreams are made of.

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

Timeline Overview

But let’s rein in that excitement for a minute.

We are in week five of the six-week One Room Challenge. Let that information sink in for a moment.

In just six days we must finish installing the brick around the fireplace, fix the hearth, painting the entire thing, install all of the furniture and decor, style and decorate with accessories, photograph the room, edit the photos, craft up the blog post – all before the grand reveal on November 10.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Because I sure am…

Feel free to catch up on what we’ve done so far:

This Week: More Deliveries and Fireplace Progress

In other news this week, the leather bench-turned-coffee-table and the cowhide rug arrived. I’m blown away by how much more beautiful both items are in person.

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally ArrivedOne Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

By the way, this leather bench is currently on sale, so if you like what you see, you better hurry to!

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally ArrivedOne Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

As for the fireplace makeover, the husband made significant headway over the last week. Although he’s not finished just yet, I have no doubt that he will be in time for the grand reveal.

Let’s all take a moment to praise said husband. He’s talked me down from the proverbial renovation ledge quite a few times – not only over the last five weeks of the One Room Challenge but also the last 15 months since we first began our whole-house renovation.

SOMEONE needs to be the sane, rational adult in our household – and I clearly don’t fit that job description.

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

Continuing the black and white theme from earlier, how about an update on the large-scale engineering prints from Staples I mentioned last week?

The first print (below, right) came out fabulous – super crisp and bold. The second, however, had quite a few streaks of gray across the entire print. The Staples associate kindly explained that the printer prefers a black and white design; any other colors, even shades of gray, tend to bleed. She offered to re-print a new, black and white design (below, left) – and that’s exactly what I did.

The results are SO GOOD! I can’t believe the visual impact the prints add to the room – and at $3.59 per print, it’s a total steal! Both prints (and more!) will soon be available at the FOXY OXIE Etsy shop as instant downloads; stay tuned!

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

The carefully styled photos above may lead you to believe the room is very close to being finished.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Brick and masonry tools consume the dining room, living room and the kitchen area. Flattened cardboard boxes cover the hardwood floors to prevent any damage. If you follow @FOXYOXIE on Snapchat, you know the space looks just as chaotic – if not more so – as it did during the initial demolition 15 months ago!

The only difference is that now all of the new furniture and arrivals are piled in a corner, waiting patiently to be installed, like so:

One Room Challenge, Week 5: The Chesterfield Sofa Has Finally Arrived

Let’s go over the to-do list, which, unfortunately, hasn’t changed much from last week:

  • Finish the fireplace, clean, then paint it;
  • Touch up the ceiling around the fireplace;
  • Install AC vents;
  • Assemble and install the gallery wall and the large-scale artwork;
  • Paint the console table;
  • Install curtain rod, purchase and hang curtains;
  • Install the round mirror on the fireplace;
  • Purchase a few vases, a comfy throw, baskets for storage, and fireplace tools and accessories.

On that note, I better get to work! You, on the other hand, can go visit the other 220+ bloggers participating in the challenge.

Shop the Room

Huge thank you to sponsors PureModern for gifting us the “Sol” chandelier and to framed & matted for providing the custom frames for this project.

One Room Challenge, Week 1: The Living Room RenovationAbout the One Room Challenge

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Twice a year, 20 featured bloggers along with hundreds of guest participants are challenged to transform any room they so choose, but they must complete the entire project in six weeks.

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  2. Amazing!!!! You are going to rock this so hard. I know you have been agonizing over that sofa and the placement. I am sure you have it all figured out by now… right? And the piece of resistance!!!! THE FIREPLACE!
    G O R G E O U S Seriously can’t wait to see your reveal!

  3. Oksana, the couch is so so beautiful!!! I love all of the pieces you chose and they are going to be perfect for that room no matter how you choose the layout ;) can’t wait to see your final reveal on Thursday! oh yeah, you know I’m loving all of your black and white pieces too!

  4. So pretty! I’m waiting on a Chesterfield too! Mine is an antique that is being upholstered. My room feels so empty without it. I can’t wait to see your room reveal.

  5. We are already on the same page style wise, so you know I adore all of your choices! What a good idea for the prints. That’s an amazing way to fill a big spot. Loving the gold tables and lamp! It’s so nice you have a hubby that can do that fireplace. So excited to see your reveal!

  6. What a week you’ve had!!! I am dying over your sofa! Lucky lucky lucky!!! I just can’t wait to see more, but for a fifth week teaser, you’ve outdone yourself! Every image is stunning….can you please come to Texas and take my reveal pics???

    • What a sweet thing to say, Jennifer! You always know how to stroke my ego, ha!

      Can you believe that sofa was only $639?! I’m thinking of ordering another one…after the ORC, of course. It’s super deep and surprisingly comfy, especially for a tufted piece!!!

      If you come to Tennessee to help me finish our fireplace then I’ll come to Texas to photograph your room! How’s that sound? :)

  7. So excited to see next week!! Especially the cowhide rug, I have a feeling thats going to look so good with all the rest. Also – would like to follow along on snapchat! I’ve added you, but not seeing your stories…

  8. OK I need to be honest with you. I need to go pray for forgiveness because I’m coveting right now. Girlfriend that fireplace wall dividing the space is TO DIE FOR and that little peek into the room?!? I can just visualize it and its freaking AMAZING. I don’t know if I can wait 6 days for the reveal. PS…so glad you got your chesterfield. I love it but I am just slightly partial to those velvet chairs. You know how I feel about velvet :) Can’t wait for next week!

    • You make me laugh with every comment, Carissa, so thank you for that! I feel the exact same way when I see your beautiful home, so that makes two of us! The velvet chairs will be happy to know that not everyone has abandoned them in favor of the younger and prettier sofa. :)

  9. I love your style! I would KILL for a chesterfield sofa! Your room is going to rock! LOL! I have 2 ottomans exactly like your white leather bench! I am looking foreward to seeing your room finished!

  10. Oh Oksana, this is going to be my total dream living room! I’m obsessed with every single choice. That Chesterfield was worth the wait! Easy for me to say since I wasn’t the one waiting, right? I hope this week goes fabulously as everything comes together.

    • I hope it lives up to your expectations, Melissa! :) It occurred to me yesterday that I may have under-shopped… Now that everything has been delivered and purchased, there’s a lot of empty spaces. Hoping today’s trip to Home Goods changes that!

  11. Ok, so many things! 1. your new baby is gorgeous!!!! She was SO worth the wait and I’m so glad she showed up just in time <3 2. WHAT A HUBBY! 3. I am dying to go have prints done at Staples now. I can't wait for your reveal next week!! EEK!

    • Thank you Kelley! You amaze me with your punctuality and organization – first to comment, first to finish her ORC… all while being sick! I don’t know how you do it!

      If you do go the Staples route for artwork, make sure your prints are black and white! Otherwise the results are not so great… :(

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