Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, master bathroom

Happy new year, fam! Let’s all collectively ignore the six-month hiatus I took here on the blog. Surely you were following along with all of the adventures on Instagram, yes? ‘Tis January, and my excitement bubbles over as we plan our 2024 home projects. With each completed project, we are that much closer to maximizing the full potential of Sunrise Farm.

Let’s delve into the exciting ventures that await us in the coming months.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, utility room

Utility Room Completion:

The first project on our 2024 home project list is our laundry-mudroom-pantry – which, from here on out, I’ll refer to as the utility room. Less of a mouthful, you know? The utility room has been a work in progress throughout 2023, and 2024 will be the year of its completion – I just know it! The list of projects includes: Installing the remainder of the cabinets, adding floating shelves for exposed storage, cladding everything in vertical shiplap, adding double rows of pegs for easy access to everyday coats. The focus here is to create a maximally functional space to not only add convenience to our daily chores, but also bring a sense of order to this vital, most-used part of our home.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, master bedroom

Master Bedroom Furnishing:

Furnishing the master bedroom is high on our list, with plans for additional storage by way of some oversize nightstands, adding accent lighting, a plush rug underfoot, and some personalization (think art, photos, etc.). We prefer for our bedroom to remain serene, so adding all of these elements while maintaining that minimal aesthetic will be a challenge – and I’m up for it!

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, deck build

Deck Build:

What’s country living without an oversized deck? Picture slow Sunday afternoons and late-night summer gatherings – our deck build is set to make these dreams a reality. We already spend so much of our time outdoors, so the completion of this outdoor space is crucial before spring. Alongside the actual deck, we plan to add comfortable seating, an oversize outdoor dining table, and perhaps a fire pit area. If we’re talking about enjoying Sunrise Farm to the fullest, this project is at the top of the list.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, landscape and gardening

Landscaping and Gardening:

Once the holidays are over, my mind immediately turns to spring. I am eager to breathe new life into our landscaping and, dare I say it, take on gardening once again. I debated for a while whether I wanted to deal with it again this year, having discovered just how much labor it requires. But I do miss it, so I figure this year I’ll concentrate on growing only the things we eat, and the rest will be flowers. Last year was a massive experiment, and this year I’m adopting the “less but better approach.” Landscaping plans include taking proper care of the many things already growing on our property (grapevines, fruit trees, nut trees), and adding to that.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, exterior paint

Exterior Paint:

Having completely upgraded the interior of our home in 2023, the exterior is on our list for 2024. We’ve already done so much that’s improved the overall look: new gutters, new windows, added trim, eliminated shutters, etc. But a  fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the overall aesthetic of our home. Choosing a color that complements the surrounding landscape while reflecting our personal tastes will be an exciting decision to make. Do I go light or dark? That is the question! I’d also love to renovate the front porch a bit, but I’m not sure if that’s realistic, knowing ourselves.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, sunroom

Sunroom Finalization:

The sunroom, a space that captures the essence of both indoors and outdoors, is needing some finalization this year. So far it’s served as a breakfast nook, homeschooling corner, the location of the Christmas tree, the dining space for large gatherings, and a casual coffee lounge area. We need to finalize how we really want this space to function and subsequently choose the appropriate furniture and decorative elements to support that. The aim is to make this room a multi-purpose space with a more finished feel.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, guest bathroom

Guest Bathroom Personality:

Our guest bathroom – also the kids’ bathroom – is newly renovated, but every time I step foot in there, I think just how much it lacks personality. Yes, everything is brand new and beautiful, but it feels boring. A bathroom, especially one for guests, is a great place to go bold. I’m envisioning beadboard in a muted color, possibly some wallpaper, a coat of paint on the new, all-white vanity, and maybe an upgrade on the mirror, because something about the current one – although beautiful and vintage – feels off to me.

Our 2024 Home Projects at Sunrise Farm, guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom:

Completing our list of 2024 home projects is the guest bedroom, which currently stands completely empty. Of course I’d love to have a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space for when we have visitors, but I also don’t want the room to stand abandoned most of the year. So, I’m thinking a cross between an office and a guest bedroom. But the space is quite small, so multi-purpose functionality may be out of the question. We shall see what I can dream up!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a renovating project; after moving into the Sunrise Farm in May, we took a bit of a much-needed break. Now it’s time to get back to business. As we begin this exciting journey of home improvement, each nail hammered, paint stroke applied, and plant planted brings us closer to the realization of our dream home. Here’s to a year of creativity, hard work, and enjoying the results!

I’d love to know: Do you have any home improvement projects planned for 2024?


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