Reflections on 2022, Goals for 2023

Reflections on 2022, Goals for 2023

The year 2022 was eventful, to say the least, and while I have no desire to rehash all of the highs and lows (there were so many!), I do like to reflect on lessons learned as we make plans for the year ahead. Like many of you, 2022 for us was full of trials and triumphs, hardships and joys – and I have no doubt 2023 will bring much of the same, because that’s life – right?

I’m not delusional to think that 2023 will only bring good things. After all, life is made up of light and darkness; you cannot know one without experiencing the other. While that may not be the most positive note to start a new year on, it’s an appropriate one.

If I’ve learned anything in the last three years, it’s that my lowest points is when I’ve felt the closest to God. So it is with full confidence I can say that with God’s strength, I’m ready for all 2023 may bring. 

It’s no coincidence that this is the very first post of 2023, as I intend to be even more vulnerable with you this year. I hope the feeling is mutual. 

Reflections on 2022, Goals for 2023

Looking back on 2022

In the last year we finished many remodeling projects, sold off some investments, acquired new ones, and went through quite a few major life changes. What’s even more interesting is that 2022 was also the year we traveled the most. I’m grateful to have found a better balance of work and play, since that was one of our major goals for the year. The following are some of our most memorable parts of 2022: 

Reflections on 2022, Goals for 2023

Business Goals for 2023

The most obvious goal for 2023 is to wrap up the Sunrise Farm remodel. Next, we’ll focus on the outdoor living space: fixing the grapevine support structure, planting a garden, and possibly fixing up the chicken coop if we decide to get chickens.

I also have SO many reveals to share with you: 1) one or two more projects from the Greenfield Remodel, 2) all of the Greystone House, 3) all of the reveals at the Cape Cod Rental, and4)  a bathroom renovation at one of our long-term rentals… So get ready for lots of beautiful spaces in 2023!

Other business goals for FOXY OXIE are 1) improving our weekly newsletter to have exclusive content for subscribers (sign up here!), 2) starting a subscriber platform on Instagram, and 3) maintaining a more consistent posting schedule both here and on Instagram.

Personal Goals for 2023

We also have lots of personal goals for 2023, one of which is to continue traveling as often as possible. For instance, this summer – God willing – we hope to take an extended trip abroad for several months.

We also want to be better at hosting gatherings and play dates. It’s been a struggle, since we’re living in an RV, but come March we can once again start inviting friends out on our boat. I can’t wait! Another personal goal for 2023 is to dedicate even more time and effort towards more worthwhile endeavors, like the young adults ministry and women’s prayer ministry at our church. Last but not least, we’ll start homeschooling our oldest daughter in August, so that’ll be a major shift for us as well.

I know I keep saying it, but thank you all for being here. You all undoubtedly feel like wonderful friends, and we are forever grateful for this community and your support. If you’re not already, come join me on Instagram for more of our day-to-day remodeling adventures, and be sure to sign up for the FOXY OXIE newsletter to be the first notified when new articles are published.

Now, I’d love to hear your feedback! Did you set goals or resolutions for 2023? What do you want to see from this blog in 2023?

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