Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

Although we have yet to take down our Christmas decor, I’ve mentally moved on to bigger and better things – like compiling a list of renovation projects I (we) hope to accomplish in the new year.

The hilarity of this ironic situation is not lost on me.

For starters, it’s taken us 19 months (!!!) from the time we first bought the abandoned bungalow to get to where we are now. Yet somehow I expect to finish a to-do list twice the size of last year’s in just under 12 months – with a baby on the way, no less!

But I am nothing if not a planner. So although the following roundup may prove to be quite the undertaking, the idea of finally seeing that light at the end of the tunnel is all the motivation I need!

Without further ado, behold our massive list of remodeling and renovation projects we hope to accomplish in 2017:

No. 1  |  Front Patio, Side Deck and Pergola

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

Although the house exterior has come a long way since we first purchased it, its current state is less than thrilling. We haven’t done anything to the outside since finishing the stucco work, which took place back in March of 2016.

The front of the house is in desperate need of a patio covering to prevent the front door from rotting. On the side of the house we installed French doors from the dining room but have yet to enjoy the indoor-outdoor flow due to the lack of a deck. The pergola is just a nice (optional) addition that I’ve dreamed about forever. Check out some of the inspiration imagery I’ve collected on my Pinterest board, appropriately titled “House Exterior + Outdoor Living” or my “Outdoor Living” idea board on Houzz.

The house is also in major need of curb appeal – I’m talking new mailbox, driveway, house numbers, door paint, landscaping, etc.

No. 2  |  Nursery

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

Another very exciting project we hope to finish (read: we better finish before July!) is the nursery. I’m currently debating between the smaller second bedroom (originally meant to be my office, as pictured here, but currently serving as storage) and the bigger third bedroom (which currently serves as a makeshift guest room).

No. 3  |  Master Bath and Closet

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

The master bathroom has gone through quite the transformation thus far (for starters, it used to be the kitchen!).

However, it’s nowhere near to where it needs to be. The vintage claw foot tub is yet to be installed; you can see it peeking out from behind the door to the right. There’s drywall to patch up, mirrors and curtains to hang, possibly a backsplash to install behind the vanity (still debating about that one…). I also would like to install a shower door to not only show off our custom tiled shower but to also add more natural light to the walk-in nook (seen in the far right corner).

As for the master walk-in closet, straight ahead, it currently consists of two freestanding racks (big one for me, smaller one for the husband) and lots (I’m talking LOTS!) of random piles of clothing on the floor. In other words, it’s a total mess – far from the comfortable, organized space I dreamed of when I first designed the room. We haven’t decided whether we want a custom built-in closet or if standard rod-under-a-shelf scenario is the way to go. Considering the number of projects on this list, it will likely be the more budget-friendly option – but even that would be a huge improvement over the current situation.

No. 4  |  Closets and Storage

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

Speaking of closets, we have a storage closet in the office (pictured here in its current “mudroom” function), a linen closet in the hallway, a reach-in closet in the nursery, and a walk-in closet in the guest bedroom. The problem? Save for painting, we haven’t done a single thing to them. I’m talking no rods, no shelves, no hooks – nothing. As you can imagine, this makes unpacking and storage a major pain, which is why the nursery is currently a storage room (with many, many boxes yet to be unpacked).

Take the closet pictured as an example. If you were to open these doors…well, you’d be drowned in storage boxes and piles of clothing and whatever random items that have yet to find a permanent home in the house. In all actuality, that is exactly what happened just the other day when we had company over, and the littles decided to play hide and seek…IN THIS CLOSET.

Needless to say, I’m hoping we solve our storage dilemma and eliminate clutter so that the rest of the rooms can start to function properly.

No. 5  |  Laundry Room

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

The laundry room isn’t bad, per se, but it isn’t great either. In fact, it’s kind of blah.

My biggest priority would be to install some sort of storage solution – either shelves or wall cabinets – and possibly a countertop over the washer and dryer, which are directly to the right in the photo above.

No. 6  |  Kitchen

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017 - FOXY OXIE KITCHEN

You may be wondering why the kitchen is on the list, considering I already shared the big reveal on the blog… There are lots of unfinished details that need to be addressed, including filler pieces, toe-kick boards and adding soffit-like built-ins above the top cabinets for a custom look.

No. 7  |  Master Bedroom

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

The master bedroom is another one of those projects that’s mid-process. We’ve been working on a fun project with Safavieh on a few elements in the room, but it’s still nowhere near finished. I still hope to trade out the current lamps for something more substantial, find a solution above the dresser, hang curtains, and possibly wallpaper the wall behind the headboard.

No. 8  |  Guest Bedroom

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

The guest bedroom has a lot of potential – with its massive walk-in closet and oversized window (read: lots of natural light). Its current state, containing little more than a mattress, headboard, board frame and a side table, leaves much to be desired.

No. 9  |  Office Nook

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

With a little one on the way, the office will become the nursery, leaving me workspace-less. I had briefly considered adding a built-in office nook to the mudroom pre-pregnancy, and now I’m fully set on doing just that. Considering the ample natural light in the room, it would be a much better use of space as an office rather than a mudroom. Besides, I’ve never been a fan of the mudroom – the name alone begs for chaos and messes. Not in my house!

We’ll still use the closet as storage and may even add a full-length mirror and shoe cabinet as well. Other than that, I hope to keep this space clean and functional as a workspace.

No. 10  |  Entryway

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

Save for the chandelier and a little rug, the entryway is currently empty. I’ll add a console table, hang a mirror, possibly add some 3D wall art, a basket or two or maybe a coat hanger. Think it’s too much for one space?

No. 11  |  Hallway

Remodeling & Renovation Projects We Have Planned for 2017

Adding the hallway to the list seems a bit silly, considering there’s really not much to work with here. My main priority will be to eliminate empty walls. I may add a gallery wall of some sort or possibly something more interesting if I think of it. Maybe not as exciting of a project as, say, the deck, but it needs to be done.

Phew, what a list, right?

11 projects in 12 months… Do you think I’m delusional? Probably so. I’m relying on the One Room Challenge in April to help me cross a thing (or seven!) off the list. And hopefully that nesting period kicks in earlier for me, so I can GET. STUFF. DONE. Because if the first few months of pregnancy are any indication, we may still have Christmas decor up in July.

Wish us luck!

Looking for more home improvement inspiration?

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    • Thanks so much! Gray can be a challenging color to choose! Most of that house was painted the same gray – “Metro” by Farrell Calhoun – except for the guest bathroom and laundry room. The exterior gray is something else entirely, and I’m actually not sure what was used there, but I can find out if that’s the gray you need!

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  5. Your place is so cute and has tons of potential. I’d focus on the nursery and smaller projects first. I think crossing items off the list might make you feel better!

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve just started following your blog. I love a good before and after! We are thinking of updating our kitchen and love the IKEA post you did. I have a few questions. Is your sink from IKEA? How do you like having it inserted into the counter? Easy to clean between sink and counter? I’d really love a product review. Like does backsplash stain easily, is it difficult to clean under kitchen cabinets? Thanks!

    • Hi Krista! Thanks so much for following along and for your sweet comment! What a great idea to do a review on the kitchen sink! I will begin working on a detailed post, but in the meantime, here’s the short version: Unlike our cabinets, the sink is not from IKEA. I ordered the Blanco Precis 32″ Single Basin from, and I LOVE it. I recommend signing up for their email list and taking advantage of the initial promo code they send out. Many websites do the same if you decide to use another retailer.

      I was set on an undermount sink from the start; not only does it look much more seamless and instantly raises the value of the kitchen, but it also frees up nearly half a square foot of counter space that you would lose if you were to use a drop-in sink. The undermount sink is installed directly underneath the counter and the gap sealed, making cleanup a total breeze. You can wipe food crumbs directly into the sink, because there is no exposed rim to catch the dirt and crumbs.

      Keep in mind that undermount sinks require solid countertops such as granite or quarts, and the installation is more expensive than a simple drop-in – but the advantages far outweigh and negatives, in our opinion.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

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