Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

One of my many, many latest endeavors in the adventure of decorating our new (old) home is finding art for the master bedroom.

Back when the entire floor plan was being completely reconfigured, someone had the bright idea to place a giant electrical box in the corner of the only wall that could accommodate the length of a dresser. I like to pretend that this mistake was made because no one asked for my opinion, but the truth is that when you’re in the midst of a full-house renovation with zero experience, mistakes are made – often.

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

In fact, I’m working on a future post about the many, many mistakes, but first let’s talk about DIY art.

The decision to install the electrical box in that particular spot completely shattered my dream of hanging my beloved, round, brass mirror (of which I now own four) above the dresser, because the mirror was far too small (not to mention the wrong shape) to cover the electrical box.

Anyway, I’ve come up with an alternative: side-by-side, large-scale DIY art!

Let’s do the math, shall we?

One black and white, 30×42-inch engineering print from Staples costs $5.29, so two would come out to $10.58. One 27×40-inch black picture frame from AtHome costs about $40, so two would come out to $80. The art, of course, would be designed by yours truly. The total cost for two large pieces of art comes out to $90.58.

Did you follow all that?

Sure, nearly $100 may sound like a bigger-than-usual investment for a DIY project, but consider that we are covering wall space of approximately 55 inches by 40 inches. A quick Google search shows already designed artwork or fairly stylish mirrors of that size starting around $500. So our DIY option is looking more and more appealing the longer I search for alternatives.

I’m also considering spray-painting the frames gold to match our bedroom chandelier and the new dresser hardware, but thankfully I have a collection of gold spray paint, so that’s one less item I’d have to buy.

Here are a few DIY art ideas I’m considering for the master bedroom. Let me know which idea is your favorite – or what you would do with the space instead!

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

I already designed these two geometric pieces on a smaller scale and planned to incorporate them into our guest bathroom, but for the time being they’re standing atop our dresser, and I really like the urban feel they add to the space. Whereas some people may feel overwhelmed by the busy black and white prints, the geometric patterns have a way of making my OCD-ladden mind feeling at ease – making these two perfect for a bedroom.

I considered wallpapering a statement wall behind the bed with geometric-print wallpaper, but the husband wasn’t too fond of that idea, so this option is also a great way to bring in that graphic element on a smaller scale.

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Option 2 is a little more simple: a favorite quote or Bible verse to serve as a daily reminder of where our priorities should lie.

The only reason I’m hesitant to choose this one is that we already have a mirror with a Bible verse, so I’m afraid that there may be such a thing as too much DIY artwork for one house, ha! DIY Mirror Makeover- Stencil Your Favorite Quote on a Mirror

Above is a peek of the mirror I’m referring to; if you’re looking to recreate the look, pop over to the full DIY tutorial.

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Option 3 is one of my favorites. We have so many photographs – thousands upon thousands, in fact – from our travels, and I have yet to come up with a creative way to display some of them around our home. Blowing up two of our favorite destinations (Paris and Cinque Terre) is a great way to bring more of our personality into the space.

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Another idea I considered is one I saw on Chris Loves Julia – to blow up photos of our respective hometowns. Such a cool idea, right? The only downside is that the husband is from a small town in Russia, and my hometown is technically a small village in Ukraine – so finding photos of either has been a challenge.

Should I bite the bullet and source a large, rectangular mirror instead, like the Olivier Wall Mirror from Mercer41? Other than the cost (!!!), another factor stopping me from installing a mirror is that right on the other side of this wall is the master bathroom, which you can see ever so slightly below. The master bathroom will have two mirrors hanging over the double vanity.

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

How many mirrors could two people possibly need? It seems a bit narcissistic (not to mention totally useless) to hang so many mirrors so closely to each other, wouldn’t you agree?

So, which of these DIY art ideas was your favorite? Any other creative solutions to hide that electrical box? What are some of your favorite pieces of art in your own home?

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Below are a few ready-made geometric pieces that I’m loving, if DIY design isn’t your cup of tea.

Side-by-Side DIY Art Ideas for the Master Bedroom

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