Simple Pleasures: Saturday Mornings and Coffee in Bed

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

Despite being officially finished with the first trimester (fourteen weeks today!), mornings for me are by no means any easier than during the first few months of pregnancy.

I’ve never been a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but apparently growing a human complicates the situation even further. Getting out of bed is a real struggle, especially on days when morning sickness hits before I set foot on the floor.

The dreary winter darkness doesn’t help, either. On the contrary, it makes me want to hibernate underneath the covers until springtime.

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

It’s no surprise that I live for Saturday mornings – if only because it’s the only day of the week when I can (usually) take my time waking up and savour the thought of having nowhere to rush off to.

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

I can’t say that comes easy to me, to be honest. Surely I’m not the only one who struggles with feeling like a total failure if I’m not accomplishing something 100% of the time. But I’m learning to give myself permission to rest, especially with a little one on the way.

I’m also learning to say “no.”

When balancing a full-time job, blogging, freelance projects, a full-house renovation, marriage, and what probably fails to qualify as some sort of social life, it’s tough to turn down opportunities. At any given moment, I feel immense guilt for slacking with my friends, with my husband, work, laundry (don’t even get me started on that one!), etc.

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

But if the first trimester of pregnancy has taught me anything, it’s that sooner or later I will need to learn to say no. Saying “no” to freelance projects I’m not 100% excited about, “no” to toxic friendships, “no” to events I don’t want to attend.

And, let’s be honest, major “no” to waking up early on Saturdays.

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

As I try to prepare myself for the major, MAJOR changes about to take place in our lives, I can’t help but realize that life after baby will likely be even more of a balancing act than ever before. If I don’t establish healthy boundaries between “have to do” and “need to do” now, then I’m signing myself up for failure when I’ve got a tiny human being to take care of 24/7!

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

Lifestyle changes start with a small step – in my case, not feeling guilty about enjoying a (decaf) coffee in bed well past morning. There’s no reason why “coffee in bed” can’t become a weekly ritual. Small rituals like these remind us to enjoy what is in front of us at the moment, to pause, to reflect, and most importantly, to just be.

Going forward, I hope you’ll challenge yourself to a weekly “coffee in bed” ritual – however that may look for you.

It’s half past 11AM here on the East coast, so if you drink your coffee as you’re typing a comment below, and I drink my coffee as I reply, we can pretend we’re on our very own coffee date.

Simple Pleasures: Coffee in Bed

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  2. I’m drinking coffee in bed this morning!! Haha congrats on your second trimester! I feel like I’ve been slacking in so many ways too lately, but trying to be patient and stay calm <3

  3. Girl, I hear you with trying to ‘balance’ everything at once! Moments like this in life must be where the ‘stop and smell the roses’ phrase came from!

  4. Your room is beautiful! No wonder why it’s so hard to get out of bed in the morning ;) I love Saturday mornings as well! I used to have to work at 4:30 AM on Saturdays (my part-time job is a coffee shop!) and it was the WORST. I don’t work weekends anymore, so being able to stay in bed and read a magazine or check emails is heavenly!

  5. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! I can only dream of having a bedroom look so put together with two crazy pups! But I can totally relate to feeling like a failure when I’m not doing something or working at every moment!

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