Spring Bucket List: 10 Things to Do This Season

There is something in the air that is making me want to do all sorts of wild things, like slip into a barely-there sundress {regardless of the less-than-thrilling rainy weather situation outside}, weave wild daisies into my hair and prance around barefoot on the green, green grass.

The fact that today is International No-Housework Day may or may not {but probably does} have something to do with my overwhelming desire to act foolish.

Regardless, I can’t help but feel giddy with excitement when I think that spring has finally sprung, albeit the fact that the sunshine and warm temperatures it typically promises seem to have taken a wrong turn and gotten terribly lost on their way to me.

Nevertheless, to honor my allegiance to the wild adventures-to-come {and to give us both a break from looking at the oh-so-exciting pictures of me, me, me} I’ve compiled a spring bucket list, so get excited, people!

WEAR MORE COLOR. To a paraphrase a very wise eight-year-old, if you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color.

TAKE AN IMPROMPTU TRIP. Whether it’s a last-minute weekend trip to the beach or a spur-of-the-moment, let’s-quit-our-jobs-and-go-traveling three-month adventure across Europe, nothing is as exciting, eye-opening, horizon-expanding as traveling.

DISPLAY FRESH CUT FLOWERS. In addition to brightening a room, office – or, in my case, cubicle – flowers can actually improve your mood. Seems like a good place to invest $12, wouldn’t you say so?

TRY A BOLD NEW LOOK. Spring is the most optimistic of seasons, so if there’s ever a time to try that blunt fringe, or the fiery red bob, it is now. Too wild for you? Refresh your look with a bold orange lip. Or pink. Or red. Or whatever happy color tickles your fancy.

ENJOY THE SUNSHINE. Hopefully you’re on far better terms with the sun than I am, because from where I’m standing {or rather sitting and listening to the downpour outside}, you better bet your bottom dollar that the sun will not come tomorrow. {Sorry, Annie!}

MAKE SOMETHING WITH YOUR HANDS. Doesn’t it seem like the people around you that have the most interesting lives are the ones who enjoy DIY projects? Try making something with your own hands, like a gold polka dotted mug, above {tutorial to come}. It doesn’t even matter if you’re any good. What matters is the thrill of using your own hands to create your own version of beauty {or, in my case, the thrill of using my own hands to re-create a much less expensive version of Kate Spade’s version of beauty}.

MAKE A SMOOTHIE. Time to get serious. Let’s talk about strawberries. Did you know that these juicy superfruits are one of the healthiest foods, like, ever? Health benefits include wrinkle prevention, immunity boost, improved eye health, cancer prevention, decreased cholesterol, reduced inflammation, fiber boost and {my favorite} weight management. So take a handful of those suckers {suckers being strawberries, as opposed to the confection variety}, throw them in the blender, pour in some orange juice, and voila! Seriously, take care of your body, people. You only get one.

PLANT A GARDEN. Not much to add here. 

WALK BAREFOOT IN THE GRASS. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to once again tell you about my little fantasy of prancing barefoot in the grass. If I had a therapist, I believe she would say this irrational desire stems from my inability to ever fully relax. But I don’t have a therapist. Although upon re-reading what I’ve already written, I’m starting to think it may be wise to find one.

MAKE PLANS. Now, don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure that the chances of you reaching your goals are, like, a billion times higher if you write them down. So take advantage of the positive spring vibes in the air and make plans to finally lose those 10 pounds, or to visit that exotic country, or to land that dream job.

OK, your turn. Tell me what's on your spring bucket list and how you're celebrating International No-Housework Day.


Necklace, c/o SoCal Gems // Lace peach top, TJ Maxx // Gold notebook, Target // Pink notebook, TJ Maxx // Round vase, Target // Red lipstick, Revlon // Pink nail color, Revlon

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  1. I so want to do this for spring this year! Usually I post a summer bucket list with many updates on my blog, but spring is my favorite season! Let’s see, it’ll probably be like…
    1. Have an amazing birthday trip to Paris
    2. Celebrate my birthday around here
    3. Arrange flowers in a vase at home
    4. Admire azaleas [my favorite flower]
    5. Wine and dine on my balcony
    6. Visit this particular bakery [It’s not bikini season yet.]
    7. Give my favorite coffee shop a photo of me in front of the Eiffel Tower holding their card for their travel wall
    8. Walk on the bike trail near my childhood home in the sunshine
    9. Purchase a Roman or Grecian-style urn for my balcony as planter or beverage/ice holder
    10. Start taking action to land a job in and move to Philadelphia
    I’m sure I’ll post pretty much this. It’s a sneak peek!

    I depart for Paris on Wednesday, so tonight is my night for an at-home mani and pedi. A friend and I are indulging in wine and cheese tomorrow night, so with glasses of wine, I just can’t be productive then. Anyway, better get started now! ~Michelle

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