Sunrise Farm Design Plans + Before Tour

Can you even believe it? I’ve yet to come to terms that we are now owners of a little farm.

I want to relish that feeling of awe I experience each time I walk our property; I hope that feeling never fades. I aspire to live a life of gratitude and contentment, and I never want to lose the gratefulness I feel in this very moment.

We are continuing to live in the RV while we plan, design, and complete a couple initial projects at the farm – projects that are extremely messy, so thank the Lord we have another living option so we’re not in there breathing all that construction debris and dust. One of the many, many bonuses of this property is that it has a covered structure to park the RV, so we’re literally steps away from the fun but safely away from the chaos.

Today I’m sharing our Sunrise Farm design plans and taking you on a “before” tour of the house. Shall we begin?

The front door opens immediately into the living room, which is connected to the dining space. You see it all from the front door.

One of the first projects we wanted to address was removing the popcorn ceiling. Thinking through those logistics, we figured, why not vault the ceiling altogether? A peek in the attic showed that it’s definitely possible; now, to plan out and fund the update!

A vaulted ceiling would make the living and dining space feel so much bigger and more grand, like a real farm house!

A few more projects we hope to tackle before moving in is painting the entire house and possibly installing all new flooring. I’m currently playing around with about seventeen hundred floor plan ideas, but once that’s finalized, we’ll likely knock out the wall separating the kitchen and sunroom.

Speaking of the kitchen, I do like that it’s tucked away from the living space but still open to it. I think once we open up the sunroom, and exchange one row of cabinets for an oversized island, everything will feel much more open and airy.

At the moment, the kitchen is galley style and quite small. There’s plenty of storage, and it’s quite practical – but the lack of natural light and the cramped feeling makes it less than desirable.

Like I briefly mentioned, I do have some grand plans for this space. We’ll more than likely knock out the wall separating the kitchen from the sunroom, either making it all one massive kitchen space or a combination of kitchen and dining area. Either one, that one change will add so much natural light to the rest of the house. I love, love, love that you can see the entire backend of the property through those sunroom windows and want to carry that expansive feeling throughout the house.

The more rooms have a clear view of the farm, the better!

Off of the kitchen is an oversized, combined mudroom and laundry – just like you’d expect at a farm. This space is actually longer than the kitchen in size, so I’m beyond excited to make it more functional and add all the storage. I’m dreaming of four locker-type cabinets – one for each of us – with baskets for shoes underneath. Next, a washer and dryer with a countertop above for folding clothes. Of course, I’ll add a beautiful sink to the space, and the water heater will need to be hidden but still accessible.

Closer to the kitchen entrance, I’d love to add a bit of a pantry for kitchen overflow. Maybe once we get that garden going, I’ll start canning and such. Then I’ll need a space to store all that. A linen closet would be great, too!

Ah, the possibilities are endless, and honestly I have no clue how I’ll ever narrow down what I want! Thank goodness this space is long enough to fit all that, and more!

From the kitchen you walk out into the sunroom, which is my favorite room of all. You know how much I love my natural light… Having seven windows and two glass doors in one space is my literal dream. Imagine if we end up expanding the kitchen to this space… or putting the dining table right up against a bench under those windows…

I’ll be sharing the many (!) floorplans redesigns we’re considering in the coming weeks. Stay tuned – because I’ll need your help deciding!

Let’s go back to the main living space. To the right of the living room is the master bedroom, quite substantial in size considering the overall square footage.

The closet, with its 8 mirrored bifold doors, is quite large, too. We’re considering eventually doubling the width of the window to add even more natural light. No immediately plans for the mirrored closet. I’m considering some French-style overlays, but will need to think through other options.

The ensuite bathroom has a single, 48-inch vanity centered on the doorway, with a toilet and walk-in shower to the right and a substantial linen closet to the left, with (you guessed it) more mirrored bifold doors.

The one unfortunate detail about the master bathroom is that all of its walls are interior. So, there’s no option to add a window on any wall. I’d love to explore the possibility of adding skylights down the line, though, and possibly knocking down the back wall of the linen closet and converting it into a coffee bar on the living room side. I’m imagining a pretty little nook with a beautiful cabinet, two floating shelves, some interesting sconces, my coffee maker, the entire thing covered in dark floral wallpaper.

Another option for the mirrored linen closet is to use that space for a double vanity. A third option is to keep the single vanity and add a freestanding tub, instead. I’m loving all of those ideas, so again, no clue how I’ll ever choose one!

Are you wondering why I’d ever get rid of a linen closet? Let me remind you that the mudroom/laundry/pantry is one of the biggest rooms in this house!

Off of the other side of the living room is a little foyer with doors leading to the kids/guest bathroom and more bedrooms. One bedroom will be our girls’, and the other will serve as a guest space. If I’m not mistaken, the two rooms are identical in size.

One of the bedrooms was converted into a craft room by the previous owners, so there’ll be some updates that will need to be made to open it back up and remove the built-in work tables and second closet.

Other than that, the bedrooms are standard in size and layout. I do love the little detail of the shelves behind the doors in each room, seen above. I want to add a scalloped detail to each shelf for the sweetest little nook in the girls’ room.

The kids/guest bathroom is also very standard, with a single vanity, toilet, and shower/tub combo. When we tackle this space, I’d love to add a small window in the shower. It’s an exterior wall, and you know I will grab any opportunity to increase natural light…

That about sums up the interior of the house; I’ll leave our exterior plans for another post.

So, what do you think?! Do you see all the potential, like me? Which transformation are you most excited to see? Subscribe to the FOXY OXIE newsletter, so you’re the first to receive updates!

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  1. First let me say, I really enjoy your blog and your enthusiasm.
    Your farmhouse is going to be super adorable and functional.
    Regarding the master bedroom; in your many plans, have you considered removing the mirrored closet, and creating two new small walk-in closets on each side of the bathroom entrance, which means you would have to create a new room entrance?
    I do realize it might not be feasible without knowing the dimensions of the room.
    Wishing you the best in your renovation process and I am looking forward to seeing this process.

  2. This looks like an interesting project! It took me a minute to understand where the sunroom is, but I see now the potential for opening up the kitchen. It would brighten up the whole house!
    I’ll be following along with all the fun!

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