Sunrise Farm Kitchen: Design Plan + 3-D Renderings

Sunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D Renderings

Let me tell you about what will likely become everyone’s favorite room in the Sunrise Farm: the kitchen!

Considering our starting point, below, it’s no surprise that the transformation will be dramatic. As you’ve witnessed in Instagram stories, the changes we’ve made so far are mind-blowing, and I’m excited to share all the beautiful finishes we have in store for this space.

Sunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D Renderings Sunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D Renderings

I remember walking through this house for the first time and contemplating knocking out the exterior wall between the kitchen and sunroom. It was literally the first idea I had, and I still can’t believe we actually did it. Some evenings I walk over to the property from our RV, and just sit and admire all the progress we’ve made in just two months.

Below is the kitchen moodboard. If I had to define the aesthetic I’m going for, I’d say Cottagecore meets Nordic. Cottagecore is a romantic aesthetic that celebrates a slower, lived-in, more intentional way of life, drawing inspiration from the English countryside. Nordic is, in a way, similar in that it also focuses on creating comfort and contentment in a space, but is different in that it leans more modern.

Calacatta Borghini Marble | Beadboard | Wall Sconces | Bell Curve Range Hood | Round Brass Cabinet Knob | Brass Cabinet Cup Pull | Fluted Ceramic Pendant | Brass Kitchen Faucet | Assembled Shaker Kitchen Cabinets | 4-Door Refrigerator | 3-Level Dishwasher | Electric Range | White Granite Kitchen Sink | Bar Stool | Runner

To me, this aesthetic is basically a modern take on simple cottage life – which is quite appropriate, really, seeing how the Sunrise Farm is, after all, a homestead. We have spent several years pursuing a slower, more balanced lifestyle, and I can’t help but think that this kitchen – and Sunrise Farm in general – is sort of the culmination point of that journey for us.

Philosophizing aside, let’s talk about some of my must-have design features for the Sunrise Farm kitchen.

Natural light is a big component of my wellbeing. So combining the kitchen and sunroom into one great room was of the upmost importance. Continuing that theme of light and airiness, I opted for timeless white cabinetry, and plan to add an interesting twist with ornate crown moulding.

Sunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D Renderings

We’ll add in a massive kitchen island, which, no doubt, will become the hub of the home. To add some drama, I’m hoping to find a beautiful slab of Calacatta marble to use as a backsplash behind the range, with a small marble shelf approximately 18 inches above the counters. The solid piece of marble on the back wall will provide a major wow factor and a focal point in the kitchen, further highlighting the symmetry I have planned for the cabinet layout. To further draw the eye upwards, I plan to run vertical shiplap or beadboard above the marble shelf up to the ceiling.

Sunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D Renderings

To soften the straight lines of the kitchen cabinetry, I’d like to introduce a curved range hood. I’m leaning towards an arcadian or bell curve style – neither of which is featured in these 3-D renderings, ha! The program I use for 3-D design is a bit limited in custom features, so this was the next-best option. Our hood will be the same color as the beadboard behind it, with some decorative trim.

The countertop material is still being determined. Although I would love marble, the husband does not approve of the maintenance. We will likely use quartz. But perhaps I can find quartz that looks more like Calacatta marble rather than Carrara marble that I usually opt for. I’m fully aware that Calacatta marble is much more rare than Carrara, hence a higher price tag. I’m still brainstorming ideas on getting the look I want for a fraction of the price. Stay tuned!

Sunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D RenderingsSunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D RenderingsSunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D RenderingsSunrise Farm Kitchen Design Plan + 3-D Renderings

For the sunroom, I’m still figuring out what exactly I want to do with that space. There will definitely be a homeschooling table with some sort of seating and storage. The wall of windows presents a bit of a challenge as far as storage goes. I’m limited to low storage options, like a bench with baskets that’ll hold the girls’ homeschool supplies, books, printer, etc.

On the other end of the sunroom is a lounge area: a daybed, side table and arm chair. I am considering adding a planting space, too. But again, storage becomes an issue; any sort of table, or chest of drawers, or sideboard will cover the windows. We’ll live in the space first to see how exactly we use it before we commit to something.

Our pantry/mudroom/laundry room is just on the other side of the fridge. It will add a whole lot more functionality and storage to the kitchen. Should I share the plans for that space next, or would you rather move on to the bathrooms? Let me know.

I am excited to see this kitchen start to come to life in the next couple of weeks! Follow along on Instagram for daily behind-the-scenes!

Do you have any questions, comments? Anything specific you want to see or learn about the kitchen renovation process?

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