The Art of Being a Lady: 10 Hobbies to Spice Up Your Life

During my whirlwind summer of traveling {obnoxious bragging ahead: I spent my summer in Europe}, one question kept gnawing at the back of my mind: How could my everyday life ever begin to compare to the oh-so-glamorous lifestyle I was getting so accustomed to? Now that this globe-trotting jig is up, it is time to face the scary truth. The fact that I do not reside in a metropolitan area {in fact, quite the opposite} only complicates the situation, so much so, that if I dwell on this issue long enough I just may pack it up and move to Paris {right after I mention that little detail to my dear husband}.

Inspired by my travels {what a concept!} and determined to maintain this positive attitude, I’ve been keeping a growing list of ideas, hobbies, passions, interests that I hope to incorporate into my life now that I am forced to face the reality of not-always-glamorous everyday life {hello schedules, bills, deadlines, to-do lists and responsibilities! You suck.}

So whether you call them hobbies, passions – whatever, let’s take a look at a few ideas on how you can spice up your life, below. And at the risk of sounding cliche, cheers to expanding our horizons and becoming more interesting and captivating women!

  1. Cooking: Call me old-fashioned, but there is something so sensual about preparing a home-cooked meal for your man. Find an intricately detailed recipe, like this saffron risotto with edible gold leaves {clue: if it contains 3 or more ingredients that you cannot pronounce, you’re off to a good start}. Do a little research, get a little creative and transform your kitchen into an exotic dining destination.
  2. Dancing: Whether you’re getting together with your girlfriends for a weekly disco dance party, taking a sexy tango class with your man or prancing around on the beach while pretending you’re a ballerina {see photos, duh}, dancing is much more than exercise – it’s one of the best ways to feel feminine {assuming you’re not a Cyrus-wannabe wreck[ing ball].}
  3. Exercising: Increased strength, mental clarity and self-confidence are just three of the many benefits of improved fitness {hello sexy body!}. Now, to be fair, I hate exercising. But I love bike riding, going for walks and {if I’m feeling especially adventurous} playing tennis. So if the thought of moving and sweating less-than-thrills you, grab a friend {or your man, or your man friend} to keep you accountable!
  4. Learning a Foreign Language: Personally, I can pull out a few dazzling French sayings now and then, come up with a Spanish phrase and recognize a word or two of German {although the latter just doesn’t have the same thrilling effect on me}. No one is forcing you to become bilingual, but learning a few words here and several amusing phrases there makes you appear effortlessly sophisticated in any restaurant situation {unless, of course, you’re dining at McD’s. In that case, you’ve got bigger problems.}
  5. DIY-ing: Even if you’re not the most creative person, you can still claim DIY-ing as a hobby. {Have you heard of Pinterest? Of course you have!} It doesn’t even matter if you’re any good {unless, of course, you plan to give your DIY creation to me as a gift. Just kidding. But really.} What matters is the thrill of using your own hands to create your own version of beauty. So next time you’re feeling like expressing your love, don’t spend money on someone else’s creation – make your own! Put together a care package, design a homemade birthday card, write a love note for your husband – the possibilities are endless!
  6. Reading: Find a second-hand bookstore and buy several books you would never spend full price on and otherwise read. Read about a subject you wouldn’t normally be interested in. It’s a wonderful way to develop a better understanding of the world, making you a more interesting person in the process.
  7. Gardening: Remember when we talked about the miraculous powers of fresh-cut flowers? Why not dedicate a little piece of your backyard to a few of these miracle workers? Or how about an indoor herb garden that you can incorporate as much into gourmet dinners as into home spa dates? Just imagine: your own mint, lavender, ginger, saffron – all at your fingertips!
  8. Volunteering: As ladies, we are naturally nurturing, caring and empathetic creatures {or at least striving to be}, so why not use our natural instincts to bring a little love to those that are less fortunate?
  9. Party Planning: Home spa dates with the girlfriends, fashion swap soirees with your community, Sunday brunch traditions with the BFF, DIY parties, book clubs, themed dinners – there are so many interesting party ideas out there {and by “out there,” I mean Pinterest}.
  10. Studying: I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, whether to enhance your career, develop new skills or simply for personal growth and satisfaction. So often people think that upon graduating from a university, they have reached their full knowledge capacity. Prepare for your mind to be completely blown: If you’re not learning, you’re deteriorating. Now, is that what you want – to be a self-absorbed, uninteresting waste of space with nothing intelligent to add to a social gathering because, let’s face it, you know nothing outside of your tiny little bubble you’ve built around yourself? {You know who you are…} Find something that intrigues you {Paris, anyone?}, devour every book concerning the topic, explore it hands-on or seek out other people who share your interest. One of my own personal interests is {surprise!} Paris. I am utterly obsessed with every Parisian-inspired novel ever written and {call me delusional} am currently researching a move to my beloved city of light.

Okay now, your turn. Do you think developing hobbies and pursuing passions is important in our too-cool-for-school society? Why so? Tell me about your hobbies and how they challenge you or make you a more interesting person!

Dress, c/o Jordan Taylor Collection {currently 50% off!} // Nail polish, Sally Hansen


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