The Art of Being a Lady: 20 Ways to Cultivate Your Character

cultivate your character

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, anyone else regularly reading this blog or if you just happen to come across it for the first time, today is your lucky day. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to bringing back The Art of Being a Lady series, I've resolved to do just that.

Speaking of resolutions, each year people resolve to "turn over a new leaf" and make positive changes in their lives in hopes of the next 365 days being better than the last. Needless to say, far more often than not, the results are less-than-thrilling. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm as much pro-losing those extra 10 pounds as the next girl. But in all honesty, I have yet to lose those said 10 pounds.

cultivate your character

And you know why?

So glad you asked! I'll tell you why.

cultivate your character

In the hierarchy of life's many purposes, losing 10 pounds is the lowest level. In fact, most of our resolutions, or goals, or whatever you want to call them, whither away and die because they are rooted in a purpose more superficial than substantial. I realize I may have missed the bandwagon of making resolutions by an entire month {hello, February!}, but on account of "better late than never" and in an effort to cultivate my character, I resolve to do the following:

  1. Give more than I take.
  2. Encourage others.
  3. Be thankful.
  4. Defend the defenseless.
  5. Treasure the beauty of everyday moments.
  6. Be content.
  7. Practice weekly random acts of kindness.
  8. Pray without ceasing.
  9. Spend more time improving character than apperance.
  10. Celebrate and communicate my love for others.
  11. Challenge myself.
  12. Give grace to others.
  13. Keep a positive attitude.
  14. Strengthen my circle of genuine friends.
  15. Listen more, and talk less.
  16. Learn to make others feel at ease.
  17. Strive to be a humble example of good morals.
  18. Learn a new skill.
  19. Practice self-discipline.
  20. Invest more time in family.
OK, your turn. Spill your deepest, darkest secrets in the comments section below. Or simply tell me what you resolve to do in the new year.

cultivate your character

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  1. Just bumped into your work. I really love the beautiful woman you’ve developed into, and I admire it a whole lot.. The quest to become an outstanding woman, feminine and peaceful led me to your blog. You are a role model. I can’t wait to become that woman God designed me to be…. Though, I need grace and discipline to put certain things into practice

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