The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

If the nonstop sneaks peeks on Instagram weren’t enough of an indication, let me make it clear: I am SO excited about the master bathroom design transformation.

This space is really coming along; in fact, it’s so far along that I better hurry up and start blogging the process while it’s still relevant.

As a reminder, the Pink House project (really needs a new name now that the exterior is no longer pink!) is our latest investment property, which we plan to finish up and put on the market in the spring. To call it a flip property just doesn’t feel right, because so much of what we’re putting into this house is high-end and beautiful and thought-out, whereas a flip traditionally refers to a low-budget, basic makeover.

This house checks off so much of our wish list. I am tempted to move in myself!

It’s in a really good, sought-after location – a walkable neighborhood minutes away from grocery stores, freeway access, restaurants, my favorite thrift store and an extensive community playground (The Imagination Station – for those of you that are local).

What’s more, it has a level yard with lots of fruit trees, and I am told peonies (my favorite!) line the sidewalk in the front yard. The house is all on one level – perfect for families with young ones or, really, anyone that dislikes walking up and down stairs a few hundred times a day (me!). There’s so much natural light here, thanks to large windows in every room.

Don’t forget the double garage, a formal dining room, a deck, hardwood flooring, lots of storage space…ugh, the list just goes on and on!

Do you see my dilemma?! The more we improve, the more I keep wondering, “…but do we really have to sell it?” I think that alone is a good indication that this house isn’t your average flip. I hope to really dive into the topic of house flipping in a different post, but for now let’s get you familiar with the master bathroom design.

Below is the overhead floorplan, so you get a sense of space and flow. To save time, I didn’t draw it to perfect scale, but you get the general idea.

The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

In a fantasy world, where my perfectionist tendencies were given full reign and projects weren’t dictated by budgets, ROI and structural limitations, I would make the following floorplan changes:

  • Demo out the wall separating the shower and tub and install a custom-tiled shower with glass walls next to a free-standing bathtub,
  • Eliminate the toilet room altogether and instead move the toilet behind the main door, facing the shower,
  • Redistribute the square footage from the toilet room towards making the walk-in closet a little more uniform,
  • Replace the closet doors with double French pocket doors for better traffic flow and to add some natural light to the walk-in master closet.

Can’t you just see it?

As you can imagine, a renovation of that scope would likely deplete the entire budget – not to mention the two walls I’ve demoed in the fantasy scenario described above are load-bearing walls, so there’s that, too.

But a girl can dream, right? That is honestly my biggest issue when we tour a potential investment property; I instantly see so much potential but then have to reign in my vision to align with the budget. That’s the part that takes skill, and I have so much yet to learn.

Current Issues + Room for Improvement

As you’ll see from the before images, the original en-suite was quite a sight.

The dated wallpaper, choppy floors (who puts hardwood near the vanity and tub?), the maze of four doors all next to each other, the builder-grade mirror (which really magnifies the unfortunate wallpaper situation), and the literally-makes-my-eyes-hurt paint in the toilet room – these are the most obvious issues.

The master bathroom was one of the most dated rooms in the house, but again all I could see was potential. Even without the option of moving plumbing, electrical and demoing walls, this bathroom design transformation will blow your mind.

The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before ImagesThe Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images  The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

Because someone will inevitably point out that I only focus on the negatives in any given space, let’s talk about what I do love about this room.

First of all, the size is impressive. Not only does it fit a 72″ double vanity but also a tub and a shower (usually bathrooms have one or the other or the two combined). Next, look at all that natural light! It’s such a rarity to find not one but two large windows in a bathroom, and the lovely view of the fruit trees in the backyard are an added bonus. Third, the extra-tall ceilings make the space feel even more grand (not to mention, they provide enough room to hang a chandelier over the tub – a double win). Last but not least, the large walk-in closet is a total must for basically every woman across America.

Our To-Do List

I’ve included a to-do list in every design plan post (as a reminder, I’ve shared the guest bathroom and kitchen so far). Seeing a to-do list not only gives you an idea of what to expect from this type of renovation (in case you’re planning something similar), but it also gives you a sense of the content you can expect to see here on the blog. Chime in below if something specific interests you, so I can add it to my content calendar.

For the master bathroom, our to-do list includes:

  1. Demo Vanity
  2. Remove Existing Plumbing Fixtures
  3. Remove Existing Lighting
  4. Demo Hardwood Floor and Tile
  5. Remove Toilet for Tile Installation
  6. Update Electrical for the Over-the-Tub Light
  7. Order New Vanity Sconces and Over-the-Tub Chandelier
  8. Order New Recessed Lighting
  9. Paint Ceiling, Walls, Trim, Doors, Molding
  10. Order New Hardware
  11. Install, Caulk and Paint Shoe Moulding
  12. Paint Baseboards and Tub Surround
  13. Order Vanity
  14. Order Vanity Top
  15. Resurface Shower 
  16. Order New Plumbing Fixtures
  17. Update Plumbing for Tub
  18. Tile the Floor 
  19. Install Vanity
  20. Install Vanity Top
  21. Update the Cabinet Pulls on the Vanity
  22. Install Over-the-Tub Chandelier and Recessed Lighting
  23. Install New Plumbing Fixtures
  24. Hang the Mirrors
  25. Install Vanity Sconces
  26. Install Hardware
  27. Order New Door Hardware
  28. Re-install Door
  29. Re-install Shower Door
  30. Install New Door Hardware
  31. Touch-up Paint
  32. Clean, Style and Stage in Preparation for Real Estate Photos

The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

Shower Faucet  |  Chandelier  |  Roman Tub Faucet  |  Chrome Widespread Bathroom Faucet  |  Ceiling Medallion  |  Brass Sconce  |  Mirror  |  Towel Rod  |  Toilet Paper Holder  |  Tile  |  Grout  |  Vanity  |  Paint Color: “Barely White” by Farrell Calhoun

The Moodboard

Bathroom renovations can easily cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000, so we had to get very specific on what was worth a complete overhaul.

The most obvious issue was the floor, so that was our starting point. I originally planned to use white penny tile on the floors; we have a lot of it left over from a previous project, and I planned to create a custom pattern a la Beginning in the Middle. But that endeavor proved to be extremely time-consuming (as penny tile tends to be). Instead, I went with something much, much easier to install: good ol’ square tile. But I didn’t want to lose my geometric, black and white aesthetic, so I opted for this patterned 8 x 8 Amantus Encaustic Glazed Porcelain Tile from Home Depot. I combined it with charcoal grout for a modern look.

I was really quite surprised at how affordable this tile was. That, of course, prompted a roundup of my favorite (affordable) patterned tile options. Stay tuned for that post if you are in the market.

Next up is the double vanity. I knew I wanted some version of black, white and gray in the bathroom. So, I searched for a reasonably-priced option in any of those colors that already came with a Carrara marble top. Buying the two pieces together is almost always a better deal (not to mention less hassle) than buying them separately.

I really liked the open shelf situation on the Scott Living Canterbury Vanity from Lowe’s. Because it has legs instead of the typical toe kick, it makes the room feel larger. I’m planning to add some baskets on that shelf to bring in warmth and texture to the room.

The vanity came with beautiful and quite substantial brushed nickel hardware. However, I will likely add gold leaf to the knobs, because that is how asinine my perfectionist tendencies are.

For the faucets and other plumbing fixtures, we’re going with the same choices as in the guest bathroom: The Gibson Chrome Two-Handle High Arc Faucet from Moen for the sink faucets, the matching roman tub faucet for the tub, and Delta’s Trinsic shower faucet. The plumbing fixtures are definitely more high-end than you typically see in a “flip,” but since we’re keeping the existing tub and shower, the plumbing upgrade is worth it.

To balance out the chrome, I’m adding warmth to the design with the sconces and mirrors. You already know how I feel about combining chrome and brass (pst…it’s my favorite!).

The sconces are the same ones as in the guest bathroom. When I first shared about these sconces on Instagram, they were selling for $49.99. But apparently so many of you were interested in it that the price has now increased to, I believe, right under $60.

Never the less, that’s still a really good price for this type of fixture. In our bungalow we had several similar fixtures, all of which started around $120 and $150. So if you’re looking for a similar lighting fixture, I highly recommend the Rivet Mid-Century Modern Double Glass Globe Wall Sconce. Although the product name says “mid-century,” the style could easily sway from mid-century modern to industrial to art deco to vintage glam.

On to the mirrors… They are one of my favorite elements here; they really elevate this space to luxury status. The “Marcello” mirrors from Howard Elliott feature a shadowbox-style frame with rounded corners. The rectangular shape is very traditional, but the rounded corners add a modern, feminine touch. It’s such a satisfying juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary elements.

These mirrors are even more beautiful in person and quite substantial, too (24×36″ and approximately 28 pounds); they were a generous gift from one of my long-time blog partners, Howard Elliott, whom I turn to every time I’m searching for a statement-making mirror. Case in point: Remember the beautiful “Nadia” mirror in the guest bathroom of our bungalow? Or the French-inspired “Roman” mirror that I stenciled for our dining room?

Speaking of making a statement, we plan to install a brass and crystal chandelier over the tub. The recessed light that was there before was just begging to be upgraded – despite that being quite an annoying electrical hassle. But how could I resist?! The TZOE Gold and Crystal Chandelier hanging over a soaking tub is the epitome of perfection.


Finally, let’s move on to everyone’s favorite part: renderings of the room!

I think I’ve done enough talking for one blog post (or five), so I’ll let you take in this beauty in silence. Leave your responses, questions, and concerns in the comment section, below. I’ll be back later this week or possibly next with another update from the oh-so-fun world of renovations.

The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images The Master Bathroom Design Plan, Moodboard + Before Images

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  1. We’re redoing our master bath so it’s great to (virtually) plan along with you. Love it all…your thought process, the mood board choices, what you’d have done on an unlimited budget, how it’s going to look simply amazing when you’re finished!

    • Thank you so much for your support, Lucy! Means the world to me! Hope your bathroom reno is going well! I hope to share our final reveal in the next couple weeks, so feel free to tune in for that! xo

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