The Ultimate Paris Playlist


This may come as a surprise to some (you know – since I never, ever talk about Paris or my love affair with all things French) but believe it or not, Paris is my favorite place on earth.

My tendencies to over-romanticize started at an early age, so it comes as no surprise that while most high school students were merely hoping to pass English class, I was conjugating French verbs and dreaming of my future escapades in the City of Light.

Hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since I was wandering those narrow cobblestone streets, picnicking with my love under the Eiffel Tower and indulging in a daily feast of espresso, macarons and eclairs. If it weren't for the thousands of photos (and the 12 extra pounds), I would think it was all a dream. 

To this day, the simplest phrase uttered in French sets my heart aflutter, and with the sudden arrival of magical sunlight and what I can only hope are the first signs of spring, my obsession grows by the minute as I very seriously contemplate picking up my life in the states and moving to my beloved Paris (right after I mention that little detail to my dear husband). In reality, the mere act of talking about it is liberating and therapeutic, in a way – as if giving life to the possibility of one day living there.

So whether you are counting down the days to your first Parisian jaunt or dreaming of lounging on your private balcony of your charming Parisian flat – here is the ultimate Paris playlist to help you indulge in a little romanticizing of your own.

Listen below and be sure to subscribe to my Spotify profile for more playlists in the future! 

Photos by Carin Olsson from Paris in Four Months

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