We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What’s Next?

We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?

Oh, have I got major news for you… Obviously the title of this post has spoiled part of the surprise, but believe me when I tell you, there’s a whole lot more where that came from!

Yesterday we officially handed over the keys to the new owners of the Greenfield Remodel. They are a sweet, local family, with two boys aged 2 and 5 (almost like our girls!), plus twin boys on the way! I am so, so excited for them to enjoy their new house, to grow in so many new ways, and to make new memories as a family.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get sappy in this post, but when I think of this house I can’t help but get emotional. The Greenfield Remodel has been so, so good to us. We’ve gone through some of our darkest trials in that home, and it has served as a shelter from the storm in more ways than I can count. I may or may not have cried a little as I was cleaning it for the new owners… But I keep telling myself that home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

Today I’m answering some of the most-asked questions I’ve received on Instagram, as I’ve shared updates the last couple weeks.

We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?

Are you tired of moving?

The question I get most often is if we’re tired of moving, and if we’re ready to settle down somewhere for a bit.

Moving every so often (and sometimes living in the houses we renovate and sell) has been a part of our financial strategy the last couple of years – a necessary “discomfort” while we spent some time expanding our real estate portfolio.

But as Christians, our goal is not merely materialistic. The work-life balance we’ve gained from this lifestyle has far outweighed any discomfort of having to move houses every so often.

Why did you go back and forth so much between living in the RV and Greystone House, and what made you decide to temporarily move into the house?

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

When we first listed both properties for sale, we planned to move into our RV and travel a bit, while searching for our next investment property. Full-time RV living would be a major adjustment, but also so fun! We felt like it would be the push we needed to leave everything behind and travel U.S., with nothing holding us back.

Then, we had the idea to temporarily move into the Greystone House until it sold. The property was standing vacant anyway; plus, it would be much more comfortable than an RV, and we could still travel if we wanted. Then, a week before our Greenfield closing date, we accepted an offer on the Greystone House too.

With this new development, we decided to transition into full-time RV living after all. We spent the entire rainy weekend moving all of our belongings into a storage unit. Then, we packed up our cars with the few things we planned to take to the RV and at the very last minute decided to go ahead and temporarily move into the Greystone House for two weeks, until our mid-August closing date.

Did you keep up with all that? Ha!

Ultimately, there were several reasons that pushed us to temporarily stay at the Greystone House, but regardless, I have vowed to make the best of our two weeks here. Things could be way worse. I’m grateful that out of all the temporary housing situations we could’ve had, it got to be this beautiful house that we worked so hard and so long on.

What did you do with all your stuff?

We rented a 10×20 storage unit for all of our furniture and belongings.

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about stuff – and how much of it we all own. When time came to pare down what few things we’d take into the RV, I kept thinking, “If I’m OK with all this stuff being away in storage for months, do I really. need it?” The resounding answer was, obviously, no.

This move has taken minimalism to a whole new level for me – this idea that we don’t actually own things, things own us. Every item we buy, every single thing we bring into our home, it becomes just a part of this invisible load we have to carry. It takes up our mental space, our physical space, our time, and our money – things that could be spent on far better things, don’t you think?

We met a man at the storage unit who had also just sold his home and was putting his and his family’s belongings in storage, like us. He had rented six (!!!) of the largest units to hold all of their stuff. That’s about the cost of a mortgage – just so their belongings could sit unused in storage.

I think we own far less than the average family – and even less now – but I feel this inexplicable freedom in having so little! I am so excited to have more time, more mental bandwidth, more room for things that really matter: family, experiences, and being more intentional with our time and resources. That’s really what it’s all about: Living a life with intention.

We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?

What happens next?

In two weeks we’ll close on the Greystone House, God willing, and move into the RV. The plan is to travel as much as possible, and any downtime we have we’ll spend boondocking on in-law’s property. We do hope that one of the next properties we buy will be something a bit more permanent for us. Some land would be nice, and the less neighbors the better. We also need to find our next investment property, too, since that’s where our income comes from. There are so many factors at play, the real estate market being a major one. It’s impossible to predict what will be available when we’re ready to buy.

There’s definitely uncertainty and risk involved in our lifestyle, along with the occasional discomfort. But God is good and faithful, and I know we’ll find what’s meant for us in due time. In the meantime, I am learning to be content in the temporary – whether that’s two weeks or two months.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.” 1 Timothy 6:6-7

In conclusion, I want to share some lyrics from the song “Blessings” by Hollow Coves:

“Sunlight fell and reminded me that life can be so gracious sometimes,
And I felt like everything around me was connected somehow.
At night I hear the rhythm of the ocean as it breaks on the shore,
And I think about all the things that I am grateful for.
And they say, hold on to the ones you love.
Keep ’em close to you.
And they say, hold on to this time we have,
And let the light shine through.
Sometimes I get a little bit emotional when I see love unfold,
Two hearts bound by reflections of the memories they’ll forever hold.”

We Sold the Greenfield Remodel. What's Next?

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