Where I Buy Neutral Dishes and Glassware, Plus a Roundup

It’s a surprise to literally no one that I am quite particular about good design. This particularness doesn’t just apply to obvious items like clothes, furniture and decor but also to more utilitarian items like dishes, step stools, dustpans, kitchen sink-ware, toilet brushes, etc.

In fact, I’m in a life-long battle to replace all of our utilitarian household items with pretty alternatives.

I cannot help it, I need everyday household items to also look pretty – without compromising on function, of course. The extra investment is worth it to me, because it makes mundane tasks that much more enjoyable. If you, too, are particular about such things, prepare for your entire household to get a lot more aesthetically pleasing, because I’m going to start sharing more roundups like this one.

So, where do I buy neutral dishes and glassware, you ask?

  • Thrift stores: My favorite go-to source is thrift stores. Not only can you find beautiful items for a fraction of the price at retail stores, but you’re more likely to find something truly unique, too.
  • IKEA: Looking to build a collection of basic white or clear dishes and glassware? IKEA is basically synonymous with affordable home goods. Our everyday dishes and glasses are all from IKEA and have lasted for years. Even if something occasionally chips or breaks, IKEA’s prices make it super doable to replace. The only caveat is that IKEA can be a bit of a drive, depending on where you live.
  • Amazon: Don’t tell anyone I told you, but a lot of the dishes and glassware from places like CB2, West Elm and Pottery Barn can sometimes be found on Amazon – but at a fraction of the price. You just have to know what to look for, but if you need help you can refer to my guide for finding the best deals on decor.
  • Target: What can I say about Target that you don’t already know? This beloved mega-retailer has everything you could ever want and more. They consistently raise the bar with their products and work with seriously impressive designers on collaborations that are as beautiful as they are affordable.
  • World Market: One of the greatest things about World Market is that they cater to styles that range from neutral and classic to eclectic and bohemian. Their price points are great, too.
  • Tuesday Morning: Out of all the off-price retail chains like Home Goods, At Home, Ross, Marshalls, etc., Tuesday Morning is my favorite when it comes to buying dishes, glassware and other home goods. Their selection various by location but has been great in every store I’ve been to. Their prices? Unbeatable! Tuesday Morning is my second-most-favorite source for neutral dishes and glassware – right after thrift stores.

Shop My Favorites

Now, let’s look at some of my favorite neutral dishes and glassware that are also super affordable.

Where I Buy Neutral Dishes and Glassware, Plus a Roundup of Favorites


Here they all are again, in case you prefer to shop the post in this manner. I spend days perusing the Internet in search of the perfect products to include in these roundups – so you don’t have to!

Now, which one is your favorite?

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the following product roundups:

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