14 DIY Hanging Planter Ideas for the Bungalow

Sharing a recent thrift store find and hoping you'll help me decide which of these DIY hanging planter ideas will best fit our bungalow decor...

Unlike most women, I find shopping incredibly exhausting – unless we're talking about hunting for vintage treasures, in which case I can spend hours upon hours roaming aimlessly around thrift stores, perusing and touching abandoned objects, one after the other, as if somehow through that brief contact I will catch a glimpse of their rich history and long-forgotten past.

I treasure the rare but oh-so-sweet victories when I serendipitously discover something I didn't previously think I needed but without which my life could never be the same moving forward, a perfect example of this being our 1930 bungalow, shown below in all of its "BEFORE" glory. There's something alluring about finding an abandoned and decaying object and knowing you can bring it back to life.

Home Renovation Progress Report: Floor Plan Redesign

Similarly, the minute my eyes landed on this rusty ice-blue plant stand, or what I now suspect could also be a birdcage stand, my mind immediately began dreaming of a million and one uses for this rather random and seemingly useless object.

14 DIY Hanging Planter Ideas for the Bungalow - VINTAGE FIND

Oh, this stand is darling, I thought to myself.

I had been infatuated with the idea of crafting a floating shelf, and this stand would be the perfect solution to hanging it without having to drill holes in the ceiling!

I could put it right behind our Holly & Martin Eontic nesting tables in the living room, adding visual interest and dimension to the space.

Better yet, I could finally realize my dream of creating a succulent terrarium – my own mini indoor garden of sorts. There's something magical and almost otherworldly about seeing things that are ordinarily planted on the ground floating in midair. Call me ridiculous, but I almost can't help but feel hopeful for their so-called improved position in life, despite the fact that they're merely inanimate objects that couldn't possibly care any less whether they're down on the floor or floating in the air.

I quickly paid the few dollars at the checkout counter and carried off my trophy of sorts to the car. I then proceeded to spend the next half hour scrolling through Pinterest for budget-friendly DIY hanging planter ideas, from where this roundup article was born.

My initial thought was to paint the stand in my absolute favorite color.

You guessed it: Gold!

But when I discovered the possibility of having gold planters, I figured it might be slight overkill, so now I'm back to square one, hoping you'll be able to help me decide which of these DIY hanging planter ideas will best fit our bungalow decor, once the renovation is finally over. I want the space to have a streamlined, contemporary look with an organic feel, so imagine clean lines, natural textures and the perfect combination of mid-century modern and old world glamour.

Inspired by the tutorials above, I quickly took to Photoshop to draft a quick rendering of the plans I have for this vintage plant stand. What do you think? Which of these DIY ideas caught your eye? What would you do with a find like this?

14 DIY Hanging Planter Ideas for the Bungalow

14 DIY Hanging Planter Ideas for the Bungalow



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