5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed (ha!), but every January people lose their minds over ORGANIZING. ALL. THE. THINGS.

Side note: This year in particular, the Marie Kondo phenomenon took that craze to a whole other level. Seriously, if I see yet another reference to KonMari method, I may lose it.

But I digress.

Right about now you are probably thinking, “Girl, it’s practically springtime. Why are you talking about January?”

Great question, which brings me to my next thought.

Much like organization is all the craze in January, home projects are people’s chosen obsession come springtime. There’s just something about the changing seasons that urges you to finally tackle those home projects that’ve been simmering on the proverbial back burner for far too long.

Speaking of changing seasons, I’m sure you’re all aware we recently went through a monumental change within our family with the arrival of our second daughter, Polina. Little by little I am finding the energy – or at the very least, the desire – to once again take up hobbies, one of which is the continuous improvement of our beloved 1930 bungalow.

So, in honor of the changing seasons, I’ve partnered with Wayfair to share 5 home projects I hope to tackle this spring:

Project No. 1: Add a Built-in Office Nook in the Mudroom

I’ve been talking about a built-in office nook in the mudroom for, oh, three years now. It’s about time I stop talking about it, and do it – right?

The room will continue to function as a mudroom, thanks to ample storage space inside those closet doors to the left on the photo below. But I would also love to dedicate space for important documents, books and the like – items that are currently stored in random places throughout the house.

Plus, can’t you just imagine how productive I will be typing out future blog posts with all that natural light in the room?! One can hope, ha!

A chest of drawers previously stood here, but I recently sold it on Facebook Marketplace because, well, you know bright colors and I just don’t mix no matter how hard I try.

I haven’t thought through how, exactly, I want the nook to look, but I’ve pinned lots of ideas, which is a step in the right direction.

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

Project No. 2: Design a Playroom

If you follow @FOXYOXIE on Instagram then you’re likely quite familiar with the next project.

Several months ago, we decided to convert our guest bedroom into a playroom for the girls. Other than sell the existing furniture and source lots of pretty playroom decor, I haven’t done much. Despite its current messy state, this room is already getting lots of use. Mila adores spending time here, and I cannot wait to finish it!

Because space is so limited, I want to be very intentional in my design. As a result, I have a bit more brainstorming to do before committing to furniture and the layout.

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

Project No. 3: Add Storage and Functionality to the Laundry Room

The current state of the laundry room isn’t necessarily terrible, but it lacks functionality.

My biggest priority is to eliminate the massive pile of linens, towels and cleaning solutions currently residing atop the washer and dryer just to the left of the photo below. I plan to install either floating shelves or wall cabinets or a combination of both – but only if I can figure out how to work around the sloping ceiling in this room.

To make this space even more functional, I plan to hang a wall rack to house the mop, vacuum cleaner and other tools. Currently looking for one that isn’t a total eyesore – any recommendations?

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

Project No. 4: Finish the Master Bathroom

For what it’s worth, the master bathroom has gone through quite the transformation thus far (for starters, it used to be the kitchen in the original layout!). The room is definitely functional, but sometimes that in itself is a problem because once a room is at a usable stage, there’s a tendency to assume it’s finished – and that’s definitely not the case here.

We still need to install a backsplash behind the vanity and possibly behind the tub. The latter wasn’t part of the original plan, but we quickly realized how necessary it was the first time our toddler took a bath in the clawfoot tub. (Read: Water everywhere!)

Ideally, I would also like to install a shower door to not only show off our custom tiled shower but to also add more natural light to the walk-in nook. Realistically speaking, though, that is less likely to happen, because it would need to be custom-cut glass, and anything custom means $$$.

Besides, I’m afraid a shower door will make the already compact space feel even more claustrophobic. So, there’s that dilemma, too.

Also on the to-do list: Installing accessories like towel rods, toilet paper holder, etc. Although, we’ve lived without them for so long, one starts to wonder how necessary they really are. If we ever decide to sell the house, however, potential buyers will expect to see those items, so we may as well go ahead and install them.

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

Project No. 5: Install Kitchen Toe Kicks and Filler Pieces

We’ve used the kitchen in its current state for so long that sometimes I forget just how much of it is still unfinished. Then someone comes along and comments, “I’ve never seen the bottom cabinets on legs like that!” and I’m once again reminded that we still need toe kicks.

I originally hoped to also add crown molding above the top cabinets for a custom, built-in look, but the husband vetoed that idea. The filler pieces on the sides, however, are a must. So, that’s on the to-do list, too.

5 Home Projects I Want to Finish This Spring

My goodness, what a list!

Just typing out my plans for each space has left me exhausted, ha! Can we actually do it all – with two babies under two years old?!

We shall see!

In the meantime, feel free to follow our daily life on Instagram – just be forewarned there is currently lots of baby spam, and I’m not even sorry. Oh, and be sure to sign up for the FOXY OXIE newsletter to be notified of new posts!

Do you have any home projects on your to-do list for spring? Tell me all about them!

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