Fall 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 2: Gathering Supplies is Important Too

As is to be expected with a newborn, very little progress was made on the One Room Challenge this week. And yet, in a strange turn of events, I am proud of myself for the mere attempt. After all, taking care of a newborn is a 24/7 job, so something as simple as gathering supplies at Michael’s (with a newborn in tow) for a DIY project warrants a standing ovation, if you ask me.

By the way, to see the full list of projects I hope to accomplish this One Room Challenge round, check out last week’s post.

Not really sure just how I plan to tackle said DIY project, but I have great hope that one of these days Mila will nap for a whopping three hours…maybe?

Enough philosophizing, I’m sure you want to see photos of whatever little progress has been made.

The project I’m tackling first – other than ordering items off the Internet, because that doesn’t really count, does it? – is the accent wall in the entryway, shown in the first photo. That room sets the mood for the rest of the house, and it’s been a bit too boring for far too long. Plus, I figure if I start with a project I’m actually excited about rather than one that simply must get done (I’m looking at you, clawfoot tub resurfacing!) then there’s that much more motivation to finish it.

Or in my case, actually start it…

Without revealing too much of the end results, below is a peek at my plan for the wall in question, above.

Best part? The entire project is costing me less than $25. I can’t wait to share sources with you; you’ll be blown away just how easy (and affordable!) it is to recreate in your own home!

Hint: all you need is a steady hand and a couple of free hours. Any guesses what I plan to do?

Another project I hope to accomplish (possibly this weekend?) is to update the hardware on and paint the dining room credenza and mudroom chest of drawers, both of which can be seen below. The paint has already arrived, now all I have to do is empty out all the inside contents, lug the furniture into our garage, paint it, and lug it back.

No big deal, right?

Believe it or not, I am going to use actual color. That’s right, I too am in shock that it won’t be black, white or gray. Any guesses what color(s) I chose?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve also done a bit of online shopping this week. Many of the projects from my massive to-do list involve purchasing something first – curtains, artwork, etc. – and for whatever reason, I am having the most difficult time making decisions!

Turns out, even though I’m not tackling a massive room makeover, the fact that I have lots of smaller projects throughout the house makes things a lot more difficult. I can’t simply purchase curtains for the dining room – I have to consider all other elements in the room before making that decision, so essentially, it’s like making over 10 rooms rather than one.

But as I mentioned last week, my goal for the One Room Challenge isn’t to completely make over 10 entire rooms. If I can cross just a few of these projects off while taking care of a newborn, I will be ever so proud of myself.

If you’ve been following @FOXYOXIE on Insta stories, you saw that I’ve been playing a bit of musical chairs with the furniture in the house. I started by rearranging the living room layout – yet another project on the great to-do list. As a result, I was left with some furniture that could be used elsewhere – and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Sometimes all it takes is shopping one room to address a problem in another.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, I must leave you. There’s a baby that needs feeding and about a million things that need to get done from now until next week.

Don’t Want to Miss the Next Update?

Again, I will be sharing our progress every Thursday, and I hope you’ll tune in to cheer me on and see how it all unfolds. You can also sign up for the FOXY OXIE newsletter or follow on Instagram Stories, where I’m sharing lots of behind-the-scenes, like this week’s living room rearranging.

Which room are you most excited to see finished? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, below.

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