Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

One of the 11 projects on our to-do list for 2017 was to finish our master bedroom.

(See the full list here, if you’re curious.)

With our little one (hopefully) arriving any day now, I suddenly realized it would’ve been a good idea to finish the master bedroom BEFORE the baby made her debut. After all, it’s so important to have a finished, relaxing space for the adults to retreat to at the end of a long day (or night).

While finishing the entire room is unrealistic at this point (I’m 40 weeks and 4 days, if you’re wondering), I’ve spent the last few weeks updating a couple things here and there to make the space more comfortable. Today, I’m sharing these updates with you, as well as asking for your opinion on how to tackle a particular design dilemma: the empty wall space above the headboard.

More on that later.

Here’s what’s changed around here since you last saw this room.

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

I’ll spare you the details of just how long we’ve had our microfiber comforter set, but suffice it to say it’d been too long. I had spent years searching for new bedding, but oh, if only I wasn’t so particular!

Then one day, Wayfair was having a sale on bedding, and I decided to pull the trigger on a teal quilt set with a geometric pattern.

I know, I know – I surprised even myself when I bought something that wasn’t gray, black or white. Look at me venture out of my comfort zone!

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

Another update – which you may have already seen on my Insta stories – are the two white lamps from Safavieh. As part of their brand ambassadorship program, I have the opportunity to choose and style a new product each month. So for the month of July I chose the “Mae” – a set of white, ceramic table lamps. Inspired by a classic pottery form, these lamps lend a stately but contemporary presence. I especially love the gold detail on the bottom, which perfectly ties in other gold elements in the room.

The lamps that were here before – also from Safavieh but several years old – always felt a little off in this space. Maybe it was their miniature size or the more traditional design, but there was something about them that didn’t vibe with the overall style of the room.

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

Another major change we made was to remove the bench at the foot of the bed. I say “major” because it has done wonders to open up this space and make it feel so much expansive than before. As much as we liked having the extra storage, it made the room feel borderline claustrophobic so off into the master closet it went.

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

Last but not least on the list of updates are the curtains.

If you want to add instant texture to a space, hang curtains. Even if they’re simple, white and sheer, the effect they have on the overall feel of the space is undeniable – wouldn’t you agree? The room instantly feels bigger and more inviting.

By the way, Target is currently offering 30% off all curtains. The sale ends tonight, so if you’re in the market for curtains (or curtain rods), you better hurry! You can score the exact same curtains we have in our bedroom at only $13.99 per panel!

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

Now, let’s talk about the empty space above the headboard.

A few weeks ago I asked my Insta friends for recommendations on what to hang there. A row of black and white family photos? Some sort of artwork that ties in the black, white, gray and teal? A brass starburst mirror? A wall of curtains for added texture? Subtle, black and white wallpaper? 3-D wood panels? Decorative wall molding?

Every possible idea felt so cliche and totally overdone.

Take the row of black and white photos, for example. So unoriginal, right? Besides, as much as I’d love to add a personal touch to the space, I do not like the idea of rectangular frames over a curved headboard. Anyone else agree?

The artwork idea, although nice and logical in theory, is just too much, considering the massive artwork that’s hanging over the dresser.

Master Bedroom Updates + Question for the Audience

The brass starburst mirror is yet another cliche. Search Pinterest for “mirror over headboard,” and 90% of the results will be of a starburst mirror. Besides, I don’t like the idea of a metal mirror in the same line of vision as the metal chandelier, especially if both are brass.

Let’s see, what’s next? A wall of curtains? The only way to make that work is to somehow combine the curtains over the window with the curtains behind the bed. My pregnancy brain is struggling comprehending that scenario…

So you see my dilemma? Help me out, friends: What would you do in my place?

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Safavieh, who very generously gifted us the “Mae” lamps. Thanks for supporting the amazing companies that allow me to create unique content while featuring brands I truly love.

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  1. LOVE your bedroom! I’m totally the same about bedding, so when I find one I actually like I buy multiple to last me a long time haha. As for above your headboard, I actually have funky shelves from Target that I have random things on, with pictures under/around if that makes sense? They aren’t straight shelves – they look almost like a blocky sideways “S”, and I have them arranged with one slightly higher than the other. So you could do something similar!

  2. I absolutely love this room! Have you thought about adding a more rustic touch to balance the modern feel of the room? Perhaps some wooden artwork of some sort?

  3. Well, first off, the decorative touches you have so far are absolutely stunning! I think framed photos are classic, but not in a cliched over done way especially if you can give them a special touch like gold foil, paint splatter, metallic distressings, etc. But, I have also seen the temporary wall paper as a popular decor trend popping up! You could even look into doing something like that to give the whole wall a pop! I don’t know, can’t wait to figure out what you do with the space!

  4. Wow, your room totally looks amaaazing!!! I don’t know how to help you out either xD It seems like you’ve exhausted Pinterest… Maybe just let it sit for a bit and then when inspiration hits you, go for it? :)

  5. I love the colors you chose for your master bedroom! We’ve got navy walls that are almost black, and I’d love to add some gold accents to brighten up our space.

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