Spice Drawer Organization: Your OCD Will Thank You

Spice Drawer Organization: Your OCD Will Thank You

I can’t decide whether the changing seasons are to blame, or maybe I’ve already hit the nesting stage of my pregnancy (oh boy!), but I’ve been on a hardcore decluttering and organization spree.

Side note for anyone who’s local: I am selling, like, 80% of our belongings. Let me know if you’re in the market for anything, from furniture to clothes to home decor to baby items!

Anyway, for someone who is OCD about, well, everything, I’m surprised I haven’t written about home organization more often. You’ll be happy to know that’s about to change.

I’m starting my home organization series with the spice drawer – a really easy project that will make your OCD heart really, really happy. Seriously, there’s nothing like a perfectly matching, organized collection of spices to make you feel like all is well in the universe. For a split second, you may even be tricked into thinking you have your life together!

Spice Drawer Organization: Your OCD Will Thank You

Our situation was out of control. We had spices here, there, everywhere. Not only were there all kinds of random, mismatched jars and canisters, but they lived in different kitchen cabinets. Talk about a mess.

Long-long time ago, in a far away land (ha!) I made the unfortunate decision to register for one of those lazy Susan spice racks. In the six years since then, that thing has been ruining any and all of my spice organization attempts because of its awkward, massive size – not to mention, I’ve never even opened half the spices, because what in the world are fennel seeds and where would I use them?

So, first and foremost, I set out all of the spices on the counter to assess our inventory.

Was anything expired? Throw that nonsense away. Were there multiples? Combine them together, duh. Were there spices that I bought (or was gifted, ahem) – and never used? Get rid of them.

Spice Drawer Organization: Your OCD Will Thank You

Once I narrowed down what we actually needed and used, I counted each spice and ordered three sets of these cute little jars.

You can spice up your spice drawer (ha!) even more by lining it with easy-grip drawer liner to prevent the jars from rolling around every which way. I thought we had some liner left over from a previous project but then couldn’t find it in time to shoot this project, so I skipped that step.

If you do, however, opt for drawer liner, Amazon Prime is my go-to supplier for all things I want, like, yesterday. The Dollar Tree is another great (and less expensive!) alternative but with a limited color selection.

When the jars finally arrived, I set about transferring the spices to their new homes and adding a label to each jar. This part of the project is where things get really exciting; you’re finally seeing a glimpse of the end result: a perfectly organized spice drawer.

Spice Drawer Organization: Your OCD Will Thank You

I used my handy-dandy label maker to print the labels (you cannot tell me you have OCD unless you own a label maker). I’ll be happy to share the exact settings I used if you’d like to mimic my results. Before transferring the spices, I applied the labels. Peeling back the backing is possibly the most time-consuming part of the process. I tried to line them up as best as I could, but you can see they’re not perfect (gasp!).

Then I used a cake-decorating tip as a funnel to transfer the spices into the jars. A quick DIY paper funnel is another great option.

If you’re next-level obsessive, you can even arrange the jars in alphabetical order or by color – whatever makes your OCD heart happy! Believe me, no judgement here.

Now, doesn’t that feel so oddly satisfying? Every now and then I’ll slide open this drawer just to gaze lovingly at my beautiful creation (just kidding…sort of.)

Maybe I’ll tackle the pantry next.

Spice Drawer Organization: Your OCD Will Thank You

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