DIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha Bottles

DIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha Bottles

You’re likely already familiar with my never-ending quest to update all utilitarian household items with ones that combine both form and function. I cannot help it; I need everyday household items to look pretty – without compromising on function, of course. The extra investment is worth it to me, because it makes mundane tasks that much more enjoyable.

I’ve previously shared roundups of 1) modern oil dispensers, 2) beautiful salt and pepper sets, 3) neutral everyday dishes, and 4) laundry and mudroom organization tools. Today we’re taking that form+function topic and adding a recycling element to it with a simple DIY tutorial that repurposes kombucha bottles into beautiful glass soap dispensers.

This idea was born when I came across some amber glass soap dispensers on the Internet, with the prettiest labels – only to discover they were about $28 each. Thirty dollars for an empty bottle, ladies and gentlemen! I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to pay nearly $30 for a bottle, the least they can do is fill it with something, ha! So I set out on a look-for-less quest.

I saved my kombucha bottles and transformed them into an entire set of dispenser bottles – six to be exact! That would’ve cost me $168, but it only cost me $23! Even if you’re not a kombucha drinker and have to buy a bottle solely for the purpose of making this DIY soap dispenser, you are still saving so much money.

I’m linking all supplies below, along with the super quick tutorial. If you make this DIY, be sure sure to tag @FOXYOXIE on Instagram. I would love to see your version!

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Glass kombucha bottles – I used Brew Dr kombucha bottles.
  • Soap pumps – Be sure to read reviews when ordering, as soap pump sizes can vary. You want to look for a standard size. Keep in mind that if the pump straw is too long, you can always cut it.
  • Goo Gone adhesive remover – Lots of more natural alternatives out there, but this is what I had on hand.
  • Waterproof labels – If you have your own label printer, all the better. If not, this is a great, inexpensive option.

DIY Soap Dispenser Instructions

  1. Remove the label from your old glass kombucha bottle. Use Goo Gone to wipe away any leftover adhesive. Wash the bottle with soap and warm water and allow to air dry.
  2. Apply the wateproof label on the bottle.
  3. Cut the soap pumps, if necessary. You want the bottom of the straw almost touching the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Fill the bottle with soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc., and screw on the soap pump.

Are you ready to see how mine turned out? I made these dispensers to style the Greystone kitchen, laundry, and three bathrooms. Check out the Instagram reel I shared with this DIY, which ended up going viral.

DIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha BottlesDIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha BottlesDIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha BottlesDIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha BottlesDIY Soap Dispenser with Repurposed Kombucha Bottles

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