The End of an Era: We Are Selling Our House

The end of an era: We are selling our house.

Well, it’s the end of an era: We are selling our house.

So many of you began reading right around the time we first bought our bungalow. But if you’re new, here’s a quick review: In July of 2015 the husband and I came across a beautiful investment property in a prime location and thought, “Why not?”

The property included nearly seven acres of wooded land and a dilapidated, abandoned bungalow. We were mainly interested in the land, as we were looking into real estate development. The house was an afterthought; originally built in 1930, it had stood abandoned for the last 20 years and was not in livable condition by any stretch of the imagination.

We figured we’d give renovating a try, so we gutted it down to the studs and have spent the last four years pouring our hearts into this place, all the while sharing the fun (and let’s be honest, the not-so-fun) DIY adventures here on the blog.

This house has become quite the passion project; it’s no wonder I’m so sentimental about letting it go. It’s the home where I fell in love with interior design, the home to which we brought our two babies, the home where I left the world of corporate America and became a work-from-home mom.

I’ve never been one to get attached to material things, but so many “firsts” are interwoven with the life we’ve built here that I can’t help but feel a roller coaster of emotions these days.

This house has been so good to us, but we never intended to stay here too long. So, it’s time for the next chapter.

What is the next chapter, you ask? Great question – one we don’t know the answer to just yet.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself – since nothing is final until closing – but we’re currently under contract with no concrete plans on what to do next. We’re considering all options. The most likely scenario is renting temporarily while we decide whether to buy another fixer-upper, invest in multi-family homes, or a combination of the two. We’re house– and land–hunting in a seller’s market, which brings its own challenges.

Another fun option is RV life. I’ve always dreamed of renovating one of those – but do I dare with two babies?

As long as my family is with me on this adventure, the change and uncertainty is more exciting than scary. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time we do something unconventional. While most people marry and settle down, we got married, sold off our belongings and quit our jobs to travel Europe. While most people aim to build their dream home, we took a dilapidated, abandoned bungalow and built our dream life in it.

Who really knows what we’ll do next? What I do know is that it’ll be an adventure – and I hope you’ll stick around to see it unfold.

What does all of this change mean for the blog?

The specifics, of course, depend on what we decide to do next. Either way there will be lots of new design content (possibly even some renovating). Our closing date isn’t until mid-September, so you’ll see a bit more of the bungalow around here. I hope to share a proper before and after tour, our listing photos, our landscaping and hardscaping design, possibly some house hunting posts, tips for staging and selling your home (we sold ours in a little over a week!), our bucket list for our next house, lessons we’ve learned from renovating, and SO MUCH MORE.

Let me know which of these blog post ideas are of interest to you, so I can prioritize. Is there anything else you’d like to see or know? Out of curiosity, which of these options excites you most: Another fixer upper? Perhaps an RV reno? Making a rental feel like home?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! In the meantime, enjoy the stroll down memory lane, below:

The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.The end of an era: We are selling our house.



  1. I’d say another fixer upper! And the bucket list for the next house for the blog post. Curious to see what people look for in houses

    • We too are leaning more towards a fixer upper, if only because it’s currently a sellers’ market, so the dollar doesn’t go as far when buying a house. I’m definitely excited at the idea of new projects and new blog content, though!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog posts; I’ll be sure to add this one to the content calendar! What are some things YOU would look for if you were currently shopping for a house? I too would love to hear other people’s wish lists! :)

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