Home Renovation Progress Report: Drywall Installation

If you are just now tuning in, the husband and I bought an abandoned 1930 bungalow and have spent the past nine months making it once again resemble a house. To catch up on our progress so far, feel free to browse all Bungalow Renovation posts.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

The drywall installation is almost complete, and because I am no longer emotionally stable to deal with such drastic changes in my life, I have succumbed to my fate of philosophizing about the fact on this here blog.

Call me ridiculous, but the entire process of renovating a house is so symbolic of real life (and the constant ups and downs that come with it) – I can’t help but find a deeper meaning in the most mundane of things – a fact that, I imagine, must drive other people absolutely bonkers.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

Needless to say, stress and emotions are running rampant around here, so if you happen to find me curled up in the fetal position, sobbing in the corner, please do not be alarmed.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

A few weekends ago, in the midst of finishing up an exhausting 73-hour work week at the office, I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon sweeping the bungalow in preparation of the drywall installation. I was tired, hungry and frankly not in the best of moods, so please understand my need to see you VERY EXCITED over the following not-so-glamorous, somewhat confusing photos.

Yes, I realize these photos make the bungalow look no bigger than a miniature playhouse, but I’ve told you before, it really is quite modest in size – only about 1400 square feet – so it was a tad bit difficult to take photos of the full rooms now that there are actual walls separating the spaces.

So all you get today are the corners, sorry! I’ve tried to sprinkle in some 3-D renderings of the various spaces to help you visualize it better, but these were all I could find. I promise to do better next time.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

The second I walked inside and saw the not-so-pretty wooden insides covered with brand spankin’ new sheets of white drywall, I immediately felt a rush of pure ecstasy – our old little bungalow was finally starting to look like the house I’ve been dreaming of for the past nine months – except, of course, for the various screw-ups along the way, but let’s not relive those painful moments, okay? One of these days I may dedicate an entire post to all the things that have gone wrong during the renovation and the many, Many, MANY lessons I have learned along the way, but for now let me say this: Things progress rather quickly when deadlines are involved; decisions are rattled off, and mistakes can be made if you are moving too fast, especially if you (ahem, me) don’t always know what you’re doing.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

Speaking of nine months, one day last week while working on the bungalow, we had a random couple drop in and ask if they could look at the house.

Pretty random, right?

Apparently the house is located on a road that they drive quite often. So when they saw that the old and disgusting was suddenly being replaced by the shiny and new, curiosity got the best of them, and they pulled over to take a peek.

So like a proud mama hen showing off her baby chicks, I gave them a tour of my precioussssssss little bungalow and told them of my elaborate, and unrealistic as usual, plans for the space. For all I know, they could be serial killers, but oh, I was elated at their constant ooh-ing and aah-ing over the vast improvement, and I was very reluctant to send them off on their merry little way – so reluctant, in fact, that I have an inkling they won’t be stopping by again any time soon, but that’s why I have you guys – so I can blab on and on and on about something as boring as drywall.

Quick side note: In case you missed it, there’s a new rule on the blog. From now on, our “abandoned 1930 bungalow” can now only be referred to as “my preciousssssss.” Find out the reason in yesterday’s post.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

Back to the adventure at hand, at one point, when we were all standing (coincidentally) in the middle of the (future) nursery, I mentioned that nine months had passed since we began this little project – “Almost like making a baby!” I blurted out.

I know – such a lunatic, right? Who in their right mind says something like – let alone to someone you don’t even know?

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation

But on some strange and complex level, I could suddenly relate to anyone and everyone who had ever given birth to a new life – because that’s how it feels to watch this decrepit pile of decay blossom into something that starts to resemble a house.

All in all, though, I’m sure you’ll agree that the drywall installation has really done a number on the space. I’m so excited to share these updates with you and cannot wait to hear what you think!

In the meantime, I’ll be over here drooling over lighting fixtures.

Home Renovation Progress Report - Drywall Installation



  1. Congrats! Drywalling always makes it feel like you’re coming into the home stretch! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  2. I think the photos look great! I have a small house 1500 sqft for 2 adults and 4 kids. (We live inside a small city so we are lucky to be able to afford to own). I have never had a SINGLE photo turn out well. Yours are much better.

    The drywall looks like it is coming along. Good luck with the drywall dust. It takes forever to get it all cleaned up!

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Brianna! The drywall dust was definitely a MAJOR pain, and guess who got stuck with cleaning it?! Yup, the person with extreme OCD – me! :) A few weeks have passed since these photos were taken, so some progress has been made. In fact, we expect all of the painting to be finished this weekend, so check back in to see how that turns out!

      Our little bungalow is approximately 1400 sq. ft. – far too much space for my husband and I, but we do hope to fill the place with little ones sooner rather than later, so that’s the thinking behind so much space. It’s encouraging to find others who make a small house work for a large family, so I’m extremely excited you stopped by! I saw on your blog that you’re from Asheville? I used to live there myself and visit quite often, as I still have lots of family there. Would love the chance to meet up next time I’m in town!

      As far as photography, lots of natural light seems to be the biggest factor in how well the photos turn out. Although a professional camera is always a plus – and I use it for 95% of my posts – these photos, believe it or not, were actually taken with my iPhone! My issue with taking progress photos, however, is the mess. It’s a daily struggle between my desire to share and my OCD tendencies, but I’m working through them! :)

      I can’t quite figure out why, but your comment has really made my day. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! XO

  3. I can’t get over how cool this project is. I think it is awesome that you are blogging about it so you will be able to see the before and after shots.

    • A big part of what makes projects like these so fun is having a community with which you can share your small accomplishments. So thank you for your encouraging words, Jordyn!

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